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  • Unlicensed Agent FAQ

    I never received an ICA
    Check spam/junk folder
    Double check email address with your upline

    I can’t log onto Equis
    Are you using your EF?
    Has it been longer than 30 days since you logged in? If so, email HR.

    What is ExamFx? Do I need it?
    ExamFx is a pre-licensing course that helps you prepare for your exam
    Please refer to your Welcome to Equis letter for instructions

    My ExamFx is showing full price
    The discount code is your RM’s email address.

    What do I do once I’m done with pre-licensing?
    -Once your pre-licensing is complete, your next step is getting licensed through your state. Please visit to see state specific requirements.
    Most states require:
    -Application-Submit this immediately after you pass your exam.
    -Exam- Go to your state's site to make an appointment to take your exam.
    -Fingerprints- Use your state's site to find a location. Most locations require an appointment, so schedule it at the same time you schedule your exam.

    I earned my license, what is next?
    -Congratulations! Once you receive your license, the next step is contracting. You will complete a contracting packet. In turn, we create your contracting profile and build your requests for carrier contracting. Link:

    Where do I go to watch training videos?
    - Equis Financial has a training center where they have compiled videos and documents:
    - Salestraining123 also has a variety of recorded training:

    I've earned my license and now I'm ready to start contracting. Where do I start?
    - Here is the link for the contracting packet: Contracting Packet