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My first 10 days

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  • My first 10 days

    I get asked all the time about the first 10 days for a new agent, so I decided to lay it out to the way I looked at it for my first 10 days.

    Again this is my first 10 days

    Day 1 Registered for Pre Licensing , Finger Prints , State Exam , Registered with my state (FL) and I started studying. (STATE REQUIREMENTS) <-- Click there to find out about your state
    (Some states don't require finger prints)
    (I also recommend to go to end of each chapter in examfx first and take end test see what you got wrong and only go back and study that - a lot of common sense in the prelicensing chapters)

    Day 2 Study, listened to calls and started going over training info in-between studying for exam. (Your brain is going to feel like mush with to much exam so take breaks)

    Day 3 Study, listen to old call audio and watched a couple videos

    Day 4 Prep for my exam

    Day 5-7 Might of had to take my Exam a few time but I passed

    Day 8-9 Waiting for License started learning as much as I could getting apps downloaded and going through quote calculators (TIP: learn quote calculators by running on yourself)

    Day 10 Started Dialing - Was scared to death not about anything more than getting rejected on the phone. Good news dialed for 8 hours straight literally pacing my office floor but got appointments.

    Here is the good news , everyone goes through the same thing and as long as you stick it out you will be just fine.

    My tip is to get through your licensing as fast as you can so you can get out and start running appointments.

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