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  • Recruiting "Where do I start"

    I wanted to take a moment to chat about recruiting a little bit. Sometimes recruiting can seem a little overwhelming, so I wanted to show you how I recruit and schedules for specific time of the week to show you how I recruit. I will also attach a copy of my schedule to show you how I blocked off the same specific time every single day, like for instance I've block off 10 AM to 3 PM p.m. every single day Monday through Friday. What advise you to do is pick a specific time of the week that you can lock in to recruiting and open up your schedule just for that. What happens a lot is people will circulate the recruiting around their sales schedule but if you remember recruiting or long-term game plan . I would advise you to keep strict recruiting schedule every single week and base your sales around recruiting instead of recruiting around your cells.

    The first thing I will do is go to and set up an account, this is an auto schedule link that will allow you not to have to schedule appointments yourself. There is a paid link and a free one. The paid link will give you text message reminders which is helpful to make sure people remember you are calling.

    (See Calendal tutorial on how to setup calendal properly)

    I would then make sure you start running ads and putting that link in there for people to schedule themselves.

    AD's I would run would be simple ad's

    I would run craigslist first. Only run craigslist on SUNDAYS as that's the best response rate. The header of my ad would be something that would attract people to my ad like " LIMITED SALES POSITION OPENINGS" or something similar - I would CAP the header to draw attention.

    In the body I would be very brief about the description

    Sales position
    Dealing with qualified clients who are requisition our information.
    700 per sale income (uncapped)

    Monthly Bonuses

    Residual Income

    State of the art technology for training

    partnership with some of the largest financial firms in the world

    Advance Opportunities

    Click this link to schedule time to speak (add your link here)


    You can design your own ad but just remember peoples tendency to stick with something is short so make sure your ad is the same way.

    JUST REMEMBER RECRUITING IS YOUR LEGACY NOT YOUR SHORT TERM PAYCHECKS, so make sure you aren't flexible on something that will pay you long term.

    Look for more articles to come about different recruiting topics. But start with this to help you get going.

    Here is copy of how I block my schedule off.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.46.04 AM.png